Learn About the Two Main Enemies of Asphalt

How Your Paving Expert Fights Off Asphalt’s Nemesis

In terms of installation, cost, durability, and versatility as a paving material, nothing beats asphalt. Your commercial properties must always reflect a positive and well-maintained image through well-kept paved areas like your driveways, pavements, parking lots, and roads. Although asphalt is highly durable paving for your roadways, it does have its bane, its own kryptonite. According to a paving expert, here are the top two weaknesses that your asphalt is prone to:


Asphalt surfaces are typically designed to move water away from high traffic places because still surface water can be disastrous. If your asphalt is not properly and regularly maintained, surface water can weaken it. This will cause the already present cracks to expand and form potholes. Sealcoating can help keep surface water to prevent potholes and cracks from forming. Basically, seal coating is a thin layer of liquid applied over a paved surface to protect it from damage that’s caused by the elements, extreme heat, and other fluids.

Heavy Vehicles

The weight of heavy vehicles, especially heavy trucks, on asphalt can have a detrimental effect on your pavement. Heavy vehicles can increase deterioration and rutting along the wheel paths, resulting in the decrease in the lifespan and durability of affected areas of an asphalt road or parking lot. These damages are widespread in places where heavy vehicles are parked and are driving slowly. So, simple rules like limiting heavy vehicle traffic to a specific area, banning them altogether or installing thicker asphalt is a good way to prevent asphalt damage. This way, you’ll avoid costly repairs.

Having a reputable paving expert with tons of experience working on asphalt paving will offer you suggestions on how to prevent or fight the damage caused by surface water and heavy vehicles. For affordable asphalt paving services, don’t hesitate to work with Parking Lot and Driveway Maintenance. If you are located in Ozone Park, NY, you can contact me at (718) 535-8739 to know more about my company and the services that I offer.